MV Core

MV Core

from 275.00
  • Modular vaporizer by convection heating
  • Powered by the Power Adapter or Battery
  • Digital control with 4 levels
  • Range of Temperature: 375º - 440º F


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MiniVAP is a portable system to vaporize: compact, noiseless, efficient and easy to use. The heating and extraction occurs only when the user inhales by a method of heating under demand.

  • - Durable design with a anodized aluminum case in different colours.
  • - The front LED shows 4 different temperature settings.
  • - Neutral materials.
  • - Certified and tested for household use.

The modular MiniVAP vaporizer can be powered with the MV Power Adapter or the Battery modules (not included).

  • MiniVAP CORE includes:
  • 1 MiniVAP Vaporizer
  • 1 MiniVAP Lid

The glass core is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Decarboxilation kit.

Technical Info

Dimensions and weight (the vaporizer)

  • Height: 4.4“
  • Diameter: 2”
  • Weight: 0,4 lb.

Temperature Control
Digital, 4 levels of temperature

Temperature Display
Front led: blue, pink, green and red

Temperature Levels
375º | 395º | 415º | 440º F

Energy Safe Modes
Standby and Auto-Off (each 10min)